17 January 2009

Planting Sweetpea Seeds

This morning was lovely and sunny, so I went out to the garage and decided to plant some seeds.

I've been collecting loo roll tubes for a while now, with the intention of using them for this purpose. I can't take all the credit as I got the idea from Louise Love, I think she planted her seeds in the Autumn. Last year I planted them around March and they didn't get going earlier enough and only started flowering around Aug/Sept, so this year I've decided to start them off abit earlier. Some experts say you should start them in the Autumn, but we'll see what happens, abit of trial and error.
So this is what i've done.

I taped them together with cellotape into a circle.

Placed some newspaper on a plastic tray and filled them with compost and then popped one seed into each roll.
I've placed the tray on the window sill of our conservatory, which we don't heat where they should get plenty of light.
I'll keep you posted on progress.


Andrea said...

Clever girl you, I havent even started to think about flowers yet as we may be moving! Good Luck with them though!! x

Sue said...

Thanks. Big tip if you are moving, depends of course on your new garden. Before we moved and while we were selling, we went round all the plants that we loved and either took cuttings or divided them in half. We had a stack of new plants for our new house, not everything survived but most things did.