21 September 2015

Topiary in my Garden

I have always been a fan of topiary and here are a few pictures of them in my garden.  Some have taken quite a few years to develop into the shapes that they are now.

Here are some tips.  Always use a sharpen cutting shears They are easy to maintain, make sure you trim them on a dry dull or wet day. non sunny day.  As the sun will scorch the edge of the leaves.  Ensure any trimmings you make are cleaned up, if any leaves are left on the plant they will rot and spoil the look of your plant. Only trim when they need it, between the months of March to end of October.

19 September 2015

Delivery of Bulbs arrived today.

Both bags of bulbs have arrived today. I ordered 50 bulbs of each, Top bulbs are the dwarf mixed rockery tulips and the bottom are narcissus tete a tete dwarf rockery daffodils.

Looking forward to planting them and seeing them bloom in the Spring.

17 September 2015

Taming our Wild Garden

We have had some dry weather lately, ideal time to tidy up the garden.  This year due to the rain the garden has grown well, some areas are well overdue.  Today have been busy trimming plants and organising the shrub beds, also purchased some spring bulbs.   Ordered 50 bulbs of each dwarf mixed rockery tulips and narcissus tete a tete dwarf rockery daffodils.  Looking forward to the Spring to see these.

Every so often I love browing at Kingdom-of-Rust-vintage-Salvage-Yard-  Love picking up lovely old vintage items.  Brought this corner planter the other day will look great planted up.

14 April 2013

First Crochet Project Finished - Way Hay!

Way Hay, it's finished and it's a scarf if you haven't already guessed.  And Way Hay I am pleased with the results, isn't gorgeous.  Made the pattern up myself.  Crocheted it in half treble stitch and finished it off with a cluster edging.  This morning my little model won't wear it and kept taking it off, but it looks pretty good on her teddy.
Also blocked it out overnight, pinned it to a towel on a carpet and lightly sprayed it with water, helped to bring it back into shape.  My cast on edge was abit tight and it was taking it into a semi-circle.  Will next time cast on with less tension, suppose that's the way we learn.  Has anyone else had this problem or is it just me?
Oh my, doesn't it look good on my little model, it suits her.  Looking forward to her wearing it out and about, one proud mum.   

11 April 2013

My very first crochet project

I am a total beginner of crochet, but the other day fancied having a go.  My mother use to crochet and always said it was easier than knitting. Purchased this gorgeous bright pink Snuggly Tiny Tots DK wool.  It has multi-coloured wool bits mixed thorough it.

Had many practises with some older wool, almost gave up at one point, but kept at it until it looked ok.  If you are a complete beginner like me, take a look at mikey he makes it look so easy.  Couldn't wait to get started on the real thing, that beautiful yarn, so delicious it looks like sweets in a sweetshop. 

Look, it so pretty crocheted up, I am really pleased.  If I can do it anyone can.  It makes me giddy with excitement to get it finished.  Way hey it actually looks like crochet??? no big holes....
It's getting bigger by each row, i'll soon be out of wool.  To be honest I am hooked with it and can't put it down. 

Bigger and bigger.
It is so soft, my little girl touches it and says "pretty".  It is pretty, very pretty.   Any ideas what it is, well I'm not telling you yet until I've finished.  All will be shown really soon.

22 August 2012

Car Booting and Clear out

Went car booting last weekend.  I was there quite early, looked like it was going to rain but it held off until things got quiet.  All in all I made about £85.00 which isn't bad.  If the weather was better we probably would have made more.  I was quite surprised what we managed to sell.  There were a few things I put in that were making there way to the local recycling centre.  Managed to sell a stack of magazines for £1.00, they were fairly new.  An old petrol can for £1.00, lampshade and a quilt cover.

Also having a clear out of my crafting items on ebay.  Selling them quite cheap as I now need the space and the room back, have a look

Where is the best place to sell your old crafting items?

05 August 2012

Handmade Vintage Inspired Lilac Ticking Needlecase

Had abit of fun yesterday making one of these vintage inspired needlecases.  Used old vintage images of sewing items.  I am very tempted to keep it myself, but have enough of this material to make another one. It is now in my etsy shop for sale. 
Been thinking of making a single patchwork quilt with the sewing machine.  Already purchased the fabric a while a go. Keep you posted on the progress.