22 August 2012

Car Booting and Clear out

Went car booting last weekend.  I was there quite early, looked like it was going to rain but it held off until things got quiet.  All in all I made about £85.00 which isn't bad.  If the weather was better we probably would have made more.  I was quite surprised what we managed to sell.  There were a few things I put in that were making there way to the local recycling centre.  Managed to sell a stack of magazines for £1.00, they were fairly new.  An old petrol can for £1.00, lampshade and a quilt cover.

Also having a clear out of my crafting items on ebay.  Selling them quite cheap as I now need the space and the room back, have a look

Where is the best place to sell your old crafting items?

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