14 April 2013

First Crochet Project Finished - Way Hay!

Way Hay, it's finished and it's a scarf if you haven't already guessed.  And Way Hay I am pleased with the results, isn't gorgeous.  Made the pattern up myself.  Crocheted it in half treble stitch and finished it off with a cluster edging.  This morning my little model won't wear it and kept taking it off, but it looks pretty good on her teddy.
Also blocked it out overnight, pinned it to a towel on a carpet and lightly sprayed it with water, helped to bring it back into shape.  My cast on edge was abit tight and it was taking it into a semi-circle.  Will next time cast on with less tension, suppose that's the way we learn.  Has anyone else had this problem or is it just me?
Oh my, doesn't it look good on my little model, it suits her.  Looking forward to her wearing it out and about, one proud mum.   

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