01 February 2009

My "Little One" is Four

I can't believe that my "little one" was four yesterday.

December and January have been expensive months, with a load of bills to pay including house and car insurance and two MOTs. So I wasn't prepared to compromise on his present. Earlier in the month Tescos had a half price sale on all it's sports equipment, so we purchased a scooter for £7.50 (bargain). When I was at the recycling tip the other week there was a brand-new bike for sale, managed to get it for £3.00 (bargain). The only problem with it, the brakes didn't work and the wheel was buckled. Hubby managed to fix the brakes and took the wheel to a cycle shop to get it sorted, that cost £5.00, but still a cheap bike for £8.00. Also got him a few tops from M&S, as we get tokens every few weeks for using their credit card for petrol etc. He loved his presents and was very pleased with the bike, he can't wait to go "bikeling" as he calls it. Just hoping for some sunshine soon, then we will be off on our bikes.

After we came back from school, we had a birthday tea with a yummy chocolate sponge birthday cake to finish off the celebration.

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