10 July 2009

New blue polka dot fabric and back to blogland

This lovely blue polka dot fabric arrived in the post this morning. This polka dot fabric goes brillantly with these paisley fabrics. I have decided to make some more polka dot bags for my online shop.

It is a shame, but the craft class was cancelled due to the teacher being ill. But it will be run next week, so will let you know the outcome.

I am back again, taken a small break from blogland but hopefully will update you with more frequent news. I am now back to part-time work, but there is so much to do at home, the lists are endless. The house needs finishing off as there are so many DIY jobs still outstanding. Still looking for a full-time position, but I can't find anything locally in my field. I have decided I am not travelling 50 miles to work, as it is now out of the question with trying to get the little one to school before the journey. We have decided to finish off the house for the time being and then we will have to make some big decisions.


Mandy said...

Oh goodness I love both of those fabrics so cannot wait to see your bags x

MelMel said...

What a pretty blog!
sorry to read you have been unwell...hope it does not come back!