21 September 2009

Amy Butler Fabrics

Look at these lovely fabrics from Amy Butler. I only purchased a metre in total from our local fabric quilting shop, may have to go back for more. These four really coordinate well. It was a pity they didn't supply the whole range. I was looking for colours that would match with turquoise and light brown. It would be lovely to make a quilt out of them, but I would not be brave enough. For a start could make a patchwork cushion and see how I get on. I fancy making one for a chair in the bedroom. I always thought the design on these fabrics were large because it gives that impression on the Internet. Also I find it is hard to match the colours whilst purchasing online. The fabric is 100% cotton and very good quality, I'll take another photo with a measuring tape and give you full details of each pattern in case one of you are interested. Please note that the colours are brighter in real life to that on this photo and may vary to that showing on your monitor. Just to confuse matters.

Here goes, the top measuring tape is in inches and the bottom in cms. Starting from the left:-

1st - sorry can't find the name of this design.

2nd - Amy Butler Midwest Nouveau Trees Green Fabric

3rd - Amy Butler Daisy Chain Happy Stripe in Grey

4th - Amy Butler Full Moon Polka Dot Slate

If I am going to make a patchwork cushion, I would probably need more designs. I am very tempted to buy some more, have a look at this shop, they sell coordinating batches in fat quarters.


Also didn't realise but my local store now has an online shop and some of the fabrics have been reduced.


I would be interested to know if anyone has been brave enough to have a go at making a cushion with these fabrics.

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Sandi McBride said...

I love fabric stores. I was so upset when our WalMart closed its fabric section that I attempted to start a movement...found I wasn't the only one upset, just the only one had been a card carrying sign making rabble rouser in her youth...oh well...love your selections...