21 November 2009

Advent Calendar

I have for a few years fancied making an advent calendar for my son, that he can use year after year. I have been gathering ideas for a theme. I was thinking of making a house with a load of windows and doors, then I thought it might look abit girly. My next idea was a tree. Just look at this wooden one above from Laura Ashley or this one below, a house made of fabric. They are both gorgeous, both are from Laura Ashley.
This one looks fun with the reindeer you place into each numbered pocket.
I fancy doing one like this Christmas tree, and making a design on each pocket. Mind you could take a while, not sure if it will be made in time for this year. We can only try....
Or if you have plenty of time, look at this lovely cross stitched design. It would probably take me years.
Or this one would make a nice simple design, especially if you cut out fabric in christmas images and sewed them onto each pocket. At the moment gathering my thoughts and will let you know what I decide to do. Please let me know if anyone else has made one?
Just a reminder, please have a go at the giveaway on the last post. I have decided to extent it for another week, so others can have a chance. The final date will now be Sun 29th Nov at 12 midnight GMT.
I have decided to include comments on this post as well as the last.

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