11 April 2009

Easter Swap

Thanks very much Sian for the lovely Easter Swap.

I opened it with my son, he was more excited then me, he said "look mummy a teddy". In a flash he had taken it from the box and started prancing around the room singing "my new teddy", looks like he has claimed ownership. He has already named him "Sid". Then he came back and was trying the same tactic with the rabbit and chocolates. "Can I have a chocolate mummy?". My reply "we will have to wait until Sunday".

Lovely rabbit and picture, both green, so I will display these on a shelf that we may put up this weekend.

I love the mug, in fact just what I wanted, it will be put to good use. I now have my own mug and I will try and resist not using it until Sunday. Also love the bag and will definately use it for my shopping.


Lavender hearts said...

Im so glad you like it all. I love all the things you sent me - the card, the egg cosie and the bag (well the whole lot really!). Thank you so much! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, just popped over to introduce myself! We are swap partners in Silkie Sue's Free-Style swap. This should be fun although I am now a bit intimidated as that Easter swap looks amazing! Kate x