15 April 2009

I've been unwell with Viral Labyrinthitis

Since about Sunday, I haven't been very well, never had anything like it in my life, hope it goes soon as it is not pleasant. I'm off work for the rest of the week.

Sun, Mon and Tues I was constantly vomiting, felt dizzy, bad headaches and sure I was seeing double vision at one stage.

I managed to get myself to the doctors on Tuesday, I shouldn't have driven but was getting desperate. He said I had Viral Labyrinthitis and gave me some medication. When I get bad I just have to go to bed to lie down.

According to the NHS - Labyrinthitis is an inflammation of a structure in your inner ear called the labyrinth. You have a labyrinth in your inner ears, deep in the bone at the base of your skull. It contains the delicate structures that control your hearing and balance.

No washing up has been done, no tidying or hoovering, no food shopping or clothes washing done. The rest of the household will just have to survive for a few days without me, just hope it goes soon.


Shabby Chick said...

Oh Sue, that sounds absolutely evil, I'm amazed you could even type without feeling sick :(

I hope everyone else is going to make an effort not to leave you heaps of housework while you're unwell.

Hugs, Mel xxx

Lavender hearts said...

Poor thing, hope you feel better soon! Unfortunately there's nothing to treat it, but some vitamins and rest should help.

I had a look on the Tesco site and that nice bedding is on there. If you need a different size just go to the search and try the name of the bedding. I don't have a Tescos near me either, I ordered the dinner set online. It came the next day. Very good!


Gherkin said...

Poor you - my husband has that occasionally and it really gets him down. He manages it with travel sickness tablets and they sometimes do the trick. Hope you are feeling better now!