20 April 2009

Feeling alot better and back to school

Feeling like my old self again, certaintly don't want that illness again. The photo doesn't exactly match, but I thought it was pretty. This tree stands in the wooded part of our garden and is surrounded with celandines

Today was a slightly sad day for me and very momentous, my "little one" started school. He looked so grown up in his new uniform and was very happy to start school. He was as good as gold when we met his new teacher in the playground and introduced each other, he didn't say alot (not like him) and all I could hear from him was large sighs of relief. Then when the bell rang he marched into school like the rest, he didn't turn round to say goodbye, until I shouted "bye, have a good day" and he turned, waved and said "bye mummy".

We were talking earlier on the way to school and I said that mummy will miss him and that the house will now be quiet. He said "I won't miss you because I will be really busy making lots of new friends", I had to smile and thought thats my boy. This last week he has been telling everyone that he will be starting "big boys school soon".

I've also been making endless lists of all the things I am going to sort and do, most of it includes decorating and finishing off half started jobs of DIY etc.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Glad to hear you are feeling better. Please can you let me know if you still want to take part in the free-style swap? No problem if you don't as you probably have loads to do. Kate x