10 May 2009

The dreaded illness

The dreaded illness returned. Last weekend stayed in bed for most of it, (what a waste of a bank holiday) and at the beginning of the week it was starting to clear so managed to go to work, but shouldn't have really. The doctor said it may come back. For the last few days have been feeling better but still have a constant headache which I am trying to control with paracetamol. I hate taking tablets and only take them if I really need to, if there was an alternative I would try that first. If it doesn't go soon I think I'll need another trip back to the docs.


Lavender hearts said...

Could it be sinusitis too (does affect the ears too)? I've been really suffering with that - I think the pollen count is really high this year. I had chronic headaches for weeks and wondered what it was. I got a pain on my cheek and then it clicked that it's sinusitis. Defo sounds like it could be inflammatory so you might be better off taking Ibuprofen rather than paracetamol.

APPLIQUE said...

Sue, I had labyrnthitus about ten years ago and could not make it into work for six weeks. Eventually I returned but I was poorly for quite a while with dizzy spells and chronic headaches. I think recovery is a gradual process - don't do too much to soon. I remember feeling exhausted and couldn't be bothered to do anything ! Hope you are feeling better soon! Jane x