16 May 2009

What a bargain

Last Thursday went into Aldi's and came away with these lovely geraniums. What a bargain at £1.99 a tray. So in all spent £3.98 which will brighten up the garden in the coming months. Looking forward to seeing them flowering. If the weather picks up this weekend I will be planting them out.

Thanks for your comments, I am miles better this week. I have been working long hours this week and will be working full-time over the next couple of weeks, then dropping back to part-time. So the extra money will be nice. I actually enjoy working, in this particular job it gives you a real sense of achievement when you have sorted out a problem and people are even so grateful. We are sorting out a nasty computer virus which has hit around 1500 pc's. For those of you who totally rely on your pc/laptop you can imagine what it is like to be without it or most of the software not working. We are up to our eyes in it, we have now got rid of the virus but the problems it has left behind is horrendous.

Hope to relax this weekend with a whole of crafting.

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