13 October 2009

Old Rusty Relics

I love this old interesting key, it is quite big, must have been one mighty door. We found this at our last house in an old shed. It is very rusty and needs cleaning up.

Also we found this old iron. It is very heavy, it must have been hard work ironing in those days. Both need cleaning up to stop the flaking rust. I think it would be a pity to paint them.

The other day I purchased this old typewriter from an antiques shop, not bad for £5.00, far cheaper than buying alphabet ink stamps. Typed this poem and I am pleased with the results.


heidi said...

what a bargain!!

Gillian said...

Love that typewriter - I saw some for sale in my local charity shop recently and was very tempted! I'm planning to start my cross-stitch soon so am very excited! G