31 October 2009

Happy again - Hurray back online

Hi everyone, I've been offline for at least a fortnight with internet problems. It is a long story, but I will give you the details. I have hated not been able to get on the internet, can't check my emails, check facebook and read my favourite blogs. I have been so desperate I ended up calling into the library for a few minutes just to check my emails, just in case I missed something.

It all started with the internet light on my router going off every so often and having to reset it. This should have been a warning that things were on their way out, but instead I just continued. Them one evening it stopped working all together. Tested it on another PC, checked all the obvious things e.g the cables, tested it in another phone socket etc etc. I decided to ring our internet provider and they promised to send another router in the post. Still haven't received it, I can't blame it on the post as we are receiving other mail ok. After about 10 days got sick of waiting and decided to buy one instead. I will now blame and shame a reputable supplier. Called at Curry's and asked for advice and explained that I needed a new broadband router which it suitable for a bt line. The customer adviser in the shop showed me a few and then out of them choose a well known make. Went to the pay and the lady asked if had checked that I have the correct router. Explained that it was picked off the shelf by one of staff. At home found out it was the wrong one, it was for a cable connection not bt. Anyway took it back to another branch to get my money back and they refused as it had been opened. Asked to speak to the head of sales and explained that I asked for a bt line broadband router and this was what I was given. When I started saying that the staff should have some training on the goods that they are selling, he said I could have a refund. Home again, rang the internet provided again and they said they would look into why I had not received the router. Another day out shopping again, this time with hubby, we called into Curry's and we found a suitable router ourselves, even had bt connection stamped in bold on the outside of the box. While paying for the item, again they stated about the advice. We both said No at the same time, I explained that this was my third visit and didn't want to come back again on a 4th visit and that the staff in the shop don't know the products they are selling (secretly hoping that I had the correct one).

That evening connected up the router and with one quick call to the provider, after changing one setting was on online at last. Hurray.

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heidi said...

I am so sorry,i do hope that you feel better soon.
Take care. x