07 November 2009

Another Day

Found a nice free Autumn picture. This morning I woke to sunshine and felt so much better. I thought to myself a new day, a new start, time to move on. Sorry about yesterday just abit under the weather. My son went with his cousins last night to a firework display and really enjoyed it. My little one is so thoughtful he said "never mind mummy it's only a car, we can always get you another red one". Yes I said we are more important and we gave each other a hug. We've had many well wishers, flowers, chocolates and cards. Also arranged a delivery of flowers to a lovely couple who helped us, they were so kind waiting with us until the ambulance arrived.

This evening I have switched off the t.v. It is so peaceful and I am having such pleasure in listening to the rain outside and watching the flickering of the fire. I am wrapped up in a blanket with a nice cup of tea. At the moment simple things in life are more important.

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