17 December 2009

Christmas Decorations

These are some tree decorations. I have had these decorations for years and look forward to getting them out year after year. I adore the gold apples and pears and they look really pretty when they shine from the white lights. I must admit I am not keen on colored flashing Christmas lights. Also I am not a fan of flashing lights you put on your house, every time I prefer plain little white lights every time.

I love this little dog it is my sons, you can put sweets in the stocking, so cute.

I had this nativity stable for a present last year. My son loves it probably because they all have smiling faces.

These lights are also a favourite of mine, it looks lovely on the window sill.

I made this heart just recently, the gold is embroidered and it took a while. I have given it away as a present. I will have to make another for myself, it is so pretty. I started making one with the wording "let it snow".

I am about ready for Christmas, just need to another food shop and that is it. I always leave the vegetables and fruit until a few days before. I store them out in the box in our garden room as they last longer in the cold, there is not enough room in my fridge. I find with the central heating they don't seem to last long. Also need to do some wrapping but that won't take long.

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