11 March 2010

Things are getting back to normal

I don't know where all the time has gone over these last few months. Within the last 3 or 4 weeks things are now finally getting back to normal. Three weeks ago I returned to work. My foot and leg is now back to normal, but still feels stiff sometimes. This morning received a letter off the police that the other driver has been officially cautioned for driving without due care and attention. I feel that a cloud has been lifted and finally I can put this episode of my life behind me. Over the last three or four months has been a worry having to deal with insurance companies, police, solicitors, doctors, hospitals and having treatment with physiotherapy. I feel very lucky that we have both come through it ok. Anyway enough said on the matter and time to move on.

Things must be getting back to normal as I have been in my craft room again making a load of lovely items. I am really pleased with them and they have been fun to make. All will be revealed very soon.

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Hazel said...

Really glad to see you back. Your blog was one of the first I discovered before christmas and since then I have got into blogging. I have been waiting for your return!
Can't wait to see your new stuff :)

Hazel x